Our Story

We started in 2011, designing a unique collection of cut-n-sew pieces. As a New York-based clothing line we incorporate the culture and style of the city into our mix well constructed garment. We are a mirror of past and present. Over the past several years our collection has evolved to become a well-edited assortment of contemporary, traditional and vintage pieces made in New York City.

When we started researching what to call our brand the ant and the elephant were creatures that came to mind. LFANT (Pronounced ele-ph-ant), was inspired by two humble and unified creatures, the almighty ant and the colossal elephant. Both are strong for their size but work together as a collective unit in the wild. Though opposites in scale, they are equal in strength, humility and unified in their way of life. Essentially they are the same, functioning as a machine they view no member of the group any less vital a component of their familial structure.

LFANT’s mission is to provide quality handmade garments that spark those feelings of childhood anew. Like when children find something they like and become completely enraptured by it – from the blanket they won’t put down to the tee they wear until it’s threadbare and dotted with holes. We invite consumers to take part in our dream, we are innovators and advocates of clothing that tells a story.

Our line is full of earthy chinos, luxurious wool, cotton tees, fleece sweaters, waxed cottons, denims, twill’s, canvas and sturdy duck cloth. We take pride in our applique process of embroidery, distressing, bold prints, hand painted words and images. LFANT is cut and sewn in New York City.

In simpler terms, LFANT is about humility, patience, love, creativity, discipline and balance. LFANT is rough luxury, it is athletic and it is a lifestyle. Designed for and inspired by the adventurous creative world traveler that knows their heritage and isn’t afraid to go forth and see the world. You create who you are by designing your own destiny.